21st Century Citizenship

Day 1

The class represents the leaders of the City of Charlottesville (City Council, City of CVille staff, city legal counsel, and police). Unite the Right has filed an application to hold another demonstration in Emancipation Park. Come to a decision on whether to grant the permit and justify your decision practically, legally, and constitutionally.  You must also predict the social, political, and legal fallout from whatever decision you reached, with explanation.  Your final product will be a single one page statement articulating your decision.  You may use the links below and other resources to establish the basis for your decision.

City of Charlottesville Special Event Request 

City of Charlottesville Standard Operating Procedure 

District Court Decision From August 11 

Description of the Rutherford Institute and the ACLU’s involvement 

Letter on behalf of local businesses 

Police Chief and City Manager Still Employed 

Cornell Law on the First Amendment 

National Socialist Party of America v. Skokie case on Oyez 

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